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In, Up & Out Employment & Training Program

Good Foot is no longer accepting applicants for our In, Up & Out Employment and Training Program. Stay tuned for a new program in our future in early 2023!

The In, Up & Out program helps autistic individuals in Toronto build a solid foundation for success in the workplace.*

This transitional program combines professional and life skills training, paid employment, opportunities to experience different work environments and career preparation in a supportive, caring environment.

Participants stay in the program for 6-8 months, gaining skills, confidence and independence as they move, at their own pace, through three program phases:


The first stage provides program participants with the basic training needed to gain a variety of transferable skills in customer service, technology, navigation, workplace etiquette and more. This training lays the foundation for work as a Good Foot Courier and lasts 1-2 months. Participants are paid wages during the training and participate in different workshops to build personal and professional skills.


Successful participants complete their initial training and are independently working as a Courier on a part time basis. This is an Once participants finish their initial training, they work part time as a Good Foot Courier for 3-4 months.  During this time participants continue to build and improve upon various skills for the workplace and gain confidence and independence.


This last stage of the program lasts 2-3 months and gives participants a chance to add to their work experience. Good Foot offers hands-on support and additional skill building workshops as participants transition to job placements and mentoring opportunities with local businesses.

*Please note, this program does not guarantee employment.

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