Program Training

Good Foot is no longer accepting applicants for our In, Up & Out Employment and Training Program. Stay tuned for a new program in our future in early 2023!

Training is approximately 4-8 weeks and is divided into 2 sections: in class training and in the field work experience. Working directly with a Training Facilitator who is a peer and also a Courier, participants will receive training to further develop a variety of skills including problem solving, discipline, and autonomy.

The Good Foot training takes place at a pace that each individual participant sets, and we ensure that every participant feels fully ready before taking on the next step. With extensive support throughout the whole training process, participants are taught how to be confidently independent on the job, ready to troubleshoot and adapt to any situation that might arise. The training process is fully accessible with some elements available online, and ensures that all participants are set up for success.  

In Class Training

The In Class Training Facilitator will lead the participant through seven (7) modules that have been designed to thoroughly prepare the participant to work at Good Foot Delivery.

1. Introduction to Good Foot Delivery

In this module, you will learn about Good Foot’s beginnings, review the training process, and find out what it’s like to be a Courier.

2. Rights & Responsibilities

This module introduces you to your legal rights and responsibilities as an employee at Good Foot Delivery, as well as our expectations for your behaviour while at work.

3. Being in an Office Setting

This module provides you with an overview of how you should act when in an office environment, and what we expect of you in the Good Foot office.

4. Toronto & the TTC

In this module, you will examine the different types of transit offered in Toronto, and learn about ways to navigate the city.

5. Gmail & Google Drive

This module expands on what you learned during your orientation, providing an in-depth look at the features available in Gmail and Google Drive.

7. Delivery Process & Customer Service

This module takes information from all of the previous modules and brings it together in caring for our customers. You will learn and practice helpful scripts for customer interaction, review how to act in an office setting, and be introduced to the delivery process from a social perspective.

6. Courier Technology

In this module, you will be introduced to helpful apps for routing and navigation through the city, and learn how to use our courier software. You will practice doing deliveries with the software, and become familiar with the technological side of the delivery process.

Each training module includes a booklet with information that you will read alongside your Training Facilitator. As you read these booklets, the Training Facilitator will check in with you to gauge your understanding by asking questions.

In the Field Training

In the field training typically coincides with in-class training. Outside training consists of three sections and a final assessment.

1. Shadowing

In this section, you will accompany your Training Facilitator as they do their daily deliveries. You will observe them using different applications and our Courier Software throughout this process. You will have a chance to accompany your Facilitator on many different delivery types.

2. Mock Deliveries

In this portion of the training, you will complete 6 mock deliveries. For the first five (5) deliveries, you will use applications and the Courier Software to navigate between preset locations with your Training Facilitator.

At each pick up and drop off point, you will act out a specific scenario. The Facilitator will play the part of the customer, and you will play the part of Courier.

3. Real Deliveries

The final section of your outdoor training will involve you doing real day-to-day deliveries with the guidance and expertise of your Training Facilitator.

4. Final Assessment

During this assessment, you will complete deliveries as normal. Your Training Facilitator will score you on many factors including preparedness, customer service, and navigation.