Good Foot is no longer accepting applicants for our In, Up & Out Employment and Training Program. Stay tuned for a new program in our future in early 2023!

Transitioning “Out” Of The Program

The Out portion of the program supports participants with getting hands-on, work experience outside of Good Foot. We offer these opportunities in order to help participants learn new skills and gain valuable work experience. We at Good Foot believe that having new work experiences is valuable for a variety of reasons.

Here are some examples how new work experiences can be valuable:

  • They can help us learn more about what our strengths are, and what sort of work is a best match for us.
  • They can help us with our future job searches by having a job we can add to our resume and a supervisor who could be a potential job reference
  • New job experiences can sometimes lead to permanent employment.
  • They are a great way to learn new skills.

Out is designed to support the participant’s personal learning and employment goals. Every Out participant will work with Good Foot staff to improve job search skills, seek out training and learning opportunities, and establish work goals. 

The program offers different types of opportunities depending on each participant’s goals, strengths, and interests.

Here are some examples of what an Out experience can look like:

  • Temporary work experience: For this experience the Out participant will have a job with one of our Business Partners for a set amount of time.
  • Mentorship: For this experience the participant will be matched with a professional or expert in a field of work that the participant is interested in learning more about.
    • The support staff at Good Foot will support the participant and the mentor in developing learning goals and a plan for how the mentorship can help the participants work towards achieving their employment goals.
  • Permanent Employment: If the opportunity arises, Good Foot support staff will work with our Business Partners and the participant to extend work experiences into permanent employment.

Good Foot provides support to the participants throughout all Out experiences.  Our support staff will work closely with the participant to help with on the job training, and to provide any assistance necessary to make sure that the experience is a success for everyone!

We look forward to working with you to provide new experiences that will help you on your path to attaining meaningful employment!

*Good Foot does not guarantee employment opportunities.

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