About Good Foot Delivery

We’re extremely excited to introduce you to Good Foot Delivery, a new urban courier service operating in downtown Toronto. With every step our couriers take, you are receiving a quality delivery service that gives back to your community.

Our Vision: We are a courier service providing dependable point-to-point delivery within the Greater Toronto Area. We do so in a timely fashion with an attention to detail and quality.

Our social aim is what sets us apart. We believe social responsibility to be corporate duty and we are proud to give companies in our community the option to invoke that duty in a way that serves their image, utility and bottom line. To people with developmental disabilities we provide an opportunity for financial independence, self-direction and responsibility via a community to which they are integral contributors. And to the community we provide a superior dispatch on foot or by public transit.

The sum of all these parts equals Good Foot and we would love for you to consider us the next time your deciding how to get your product, document or package from A to B.

Job/Courier Opportunities

We are really happy & thankful for all the interest and enthusiasm people have for working at GoodFoot Delivery. We will gladly interview and welcome individuals to come work here that fit our mission of helping those with developmental disabilities.

If you would like to inquire in applying to for a courier position please visit our new online Good Foot application here
We will get back to you to schedule and interview alternatively you can email jobs@goodfootdelivery.com thank you  for your interest

The best part of GoodFoot Delivery is we like providing jobs and place for you to come to each day to meet & socialize with the other couriers & staff  so give us a shout we would be happy to have you be a part of the team  all requests will be processed through our new job portal thank you


The amazing businesses and individuals who help us become better by donating in-kind services or expertise to Good Foot.

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