Our Story


Kirsten Gauthier

Kirsten Gauthier founded Good Foot Delivery in 2010 with her brother Jon to provide employment opportunities to the neuro-diverse community. Jon was struggling to find employment even though he had the skills and drive to succeed. Kirsten soon realized that unemployment rates in this community were unusually high. Equipped with this knowledge, they created an organization that would provide Jon, and others from the neuro-diverse community, steady employment.

To be successful, Kirsten and Jon knew that the organization had to provide a reliable service to ensure that customers saw the value in doing business with Good Foot Delivery. With excellent customer service at its core, the organization quickly established itself as a competitive courier service within Toronto.


Good Foot Delivery provides engaging employment for people from the neuro-diverse community through a competitive professional courier service delivered via public transit with pride.


Good Foot Delivery employees are leading independent and fulfilling lives while redefining their engagement in the community.


  1. Good Foot Delivery fosters inclusivity in the workplace through our training and hiring practices.
  2. Good Foot Delivery maintains a low carbon footprint through our delivery service executed on transit and foot
  3. Good Foot Delivery is championing the capabilities of our Couriers both within the organization and with our partners and supporters.