Our Impact

Untapped potential

Autistic individuals face significant barriers to accessing job opportunities. In Canada the employment rate for autistic individuals is only 33%, compared to 79% of the general population (Canadian Survey on Disability, 2017). When making hiring decisions, businesses often focus on preconceived notions such as a high cost for accommodations. Not only are the financial implications less than anticipated when hiring from the autistic community, the benefits from this untapped employment pool are significant – improved performance and productivity, enhanced brand and customer loyalty as well as improved employee engagement and morale.


Good Foot believes in providing equal opportunity for all abilities. Over the last 12 years, Good Foot has hired and trained over 80 individuals from the neurodivergent community. Our business is focused on providing meaningful employment and building employable skills that further independence, community engagement, and contribute to the overall health and well-being of people with disabilities. 

At Good Foot, we know that creating and fostering an inclusive environment is good business because we see the benefits on a daily basis. When our Couriers thrive, the business thrives too. Couriers are truly the face of Good Foot Delivery, and act as brand ambassadors wherever they go. Together, our people and our community work together to advance workplace inclusion across the Greater Toronto Area.

Good Foot is making a difference! Recent evaluation results from our employment training programs have shown that:

  • 81% indicated Good Foot helped them become more independent in their day-to-day life
  • 85% learned new skills, and 95% built on existing skills such as communication, customer service, and problem-solving
  • 95% indicated that they are more confident initiating conversations with others
  • 90% agreed that they are more prepared for future jobs since working at Good Foot, and 75% feel more confident in finding a job that’s the right fit for them because of the skills they’ve developed or are developing.

“I’ve gained a lot of independence at Good Foot through learning how to manage orders and carry deliveries. Being independent on the TTC has also been a big accomplishment for me.”

“Working at Good Foot has helped me earn money so I can make my own decisions about where to shop and what things to buy.”

“I have been able to change the way I think about things. I have more confidence in my abilities and am less closed and ridged minded.”

Good Foot is dedicated to celebrating accomplishments – big or small. We celebrate when a team member begins a new external job placement, navigates a difficult delivery, or when they’re able to move into their own apartment for the first time. We celebrate when someone who is shy feels more comfortable engaging with colleagues at social events. We believe that creating a nurturing environment helps Couriers gain confidence, and encourages them to step outside of their comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Meet some of our Couriers (past and present) and their Families