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Vacant job opportunities remain unfilled because those from the neuro-diverse community are not considered during the recruitment process. With many recruiters focusing on ‘disability’ and overlooking ‘ability’, potential talent is overlooked.

Four smiling Good Foot Delivery couriers seated on a couch

untapped potential

A Canadian Survey on Disability found the employment rate for adults identifying with autism was 14.3%, compared to nearly 93% for the general population. When making hiring decisions, businesses often focus on preconceived notions such as a high cost for accommodations. Not only is the financial impact less than anticipated when hiring from the ASD community, the benefits from this untapped employment pool are significant – improved performance and productivity, enhanced brand and customer loyalty as well as improved employee engagement and morale.

Business Impact

The work ethic of our Couriers is unparalleled. Among other things, Couriers stay late or take on extra shifts to ensure every order is delivered on time. This dedication and commitment are key factors in our ability to maintain excellent relationships with our customers.

Our Couriers are the face of Good Foot Delivery, acting as brand ambassadors wherever they go. We frequently hear stories about Couriers spreading the word about Good Foot in their daily interactions. This enthusiasm has increased our visibility within Toronto.

At Good Foot, we know that creating and fostering an inclusive environment is good business because we see the business benefits on a daily basis. With the help of our Couriers, Good Foot has grown significantly over the last 10 years, allowing us to hire more individuals from the neuro-diverse community. We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring!

Our Impact

Creating an organization focused on inclusivity has allowed Good Foot to tackle some of the barriers faced by those who are differently abled.

Through our delivery service, we provide employment to individuals from the neuro-diverse population. Over the last 10 years, we have hired and trained over 60 individuals from this community. Employment at Good Foot provides individuals steady pay; opportunities to develop important transferable work-related and personal skills, ranging from customer service to working in a team setting; and contributes to a fundamental sense of self-worth, independence and overall health.

For our Couriers Good Foot is more than a job. By fostering a holistic and supportive environment, we have created a community focused on belonging. Many of our Couriers consider Good Foot their second family – we couldn’t agree more!