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untapped potential

In Canada, Autistic individuals face significant barriers to accessing job opportunities, resulting in an employment rate of just 33%, compared to 79% of the general population. When making hiring decisions, businesses often focus on preconceived notions such as a high cost for accommodations. Not only is the financial impact less than anticipated when hiring from the ASD community, the benefits from this untapped employment pool are significant – improved performance and productivity, enhanced brand and customer loyalty as well as improved employee engagement and morale.


Good Foot believes in providing equal opportunity for all abilities, and over the last 10 years, Good Foot has hired and trained over 60 individuals from the neuro-divergent community. Not only do we provide support to help Couriers navigate personal and professional changes, we provide opportunities to socialize and build friendships that last a lifetime. We believe that the transferable skills developed, from customer service to working in a team setting, enable our Couriers to thrive in all aspects of their life. We’re also an environmentally friendly courier service, delivering throughout Toronto wherever the TTC goes. 

Good Foot is an organization that is dedicated to celebrating every success big and small that our Courier team achieves. We celebrate when a Courier begins a new placement through the IUO program, or when they’re able to move into their own apartment for the first time. We celebrate when a shy Courier starts attending social events and feels more comfortable making new friends. We believe that creating a nurturing environment encourages Couriers to step outside of their comfort zone and take on new challenges. 

When our Couriers thrive, the business thrives too. Couriers are truly the face of Good Foot Delivery, and act as brand ambassadors wherever they go. We frequently hear stories about Couriers spreading the word about Good Foot in their daily interactions. This enthusiasm has increased our visibility within Toronto and has led to many new customers placing orders. At Good Foot, we know that creating and fostering an inclusive environment is good business because we see the business benefits on a daily basis. The work ethic of our Couriers is unparalleled. Our Couriers are committed to Good Foot’s operations, and always willing to go the extra mile. We’re so proud to introduce other businesses to the abilities of the neuro-diverse community through placement programs of IUO. 

For our Couriers Good Foot is more than a job. By fostering a holistic and supportive environment, we have created a community focused on belonging. Many of our Couriers consider Good Foot their second family – we couldn’t agree more!

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