Good Foot Forward Employment & Training Program

Applications are closed. We will open up applications again in 2024 for our 3rd program cycle.

The Good Foot Forward Employment & Training Program offers a hybrid learning opportunity for neurodivergent individuals interested in gaining employable skills and work experience. Participants will learn and engage in an inclusive, supportive environment over the course of our 9 month program. 

The Employment & Training Program is free and consists of two phases to learn and build upon the knowledge, tangible skills and independence needed for job readiness.

Please note, Good Foot is not offering program participants a Courier job as part of this program.

At a Glance

We offer this program twice per year at no cost to the participant

Open availability Monday – Thursday, 9am – 5pm, required for first 6 months (Phase 1)

Open availability Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, required for 3 months (Phase 2)

Small groups of 6 participants for a tailored learning experience

Participants will receive an hourly wage of $16.55/hour in Phase 1

Participants will be paid for their work during their assigned Job Placement in Phase 2

Phase 1

Interactive In-Class Learning Sessions
Courier Job Shadowing
1:1 Support & Employment Coaching

In Phase 1, the participant will attend In-Class Learning Sessions once a week, in a small group setting for 27 weeks.* Concurrently throughout Phase 1, participants will be matched with one of our Training Facilitators to Job Shadow as a Courier once a week. In Phase 1, participants are paid an hourly wage of $16.55/hour for the duration of their weekly training. 

Our interactive in-class curriculum will touch upon key skills of the workplace such as Communication, Professionalism, Digital Competency, Mental Wellness and Seeking & Retaining Employment by way of presentation slides, small group activities, independent learning and guest speakers. Applying the knowledge gained from In-Class Learning Sessions, participants will have a chance to apply these transferable skills through weekly Job Shadowing as a Good Foot Courier. 

The third component of Phase 1 will incorporate 1:1 Support & Employment Coaching meetings. These individualized sessions will focus on building life and employment skills, self-advocacy, assistance with program areas of struggle, goal setting, career ideas and skill strengths. 

*The 27 weeks of Phase 1 includes a few 1 week breaks throughout the program. Additional days off may apply depending on the Stat/Provincial Holidays during the calendar year.

Phase 2

3-month External Job Placement
1:1 Support & Employment Coaching

In Phase 2, the final stage of the program, the participant transitions to hands-on work experience in a 3-month external Job Placement. Matched with a local business, the participant will have the opportunity to implement the credentials learned from Phase 1 while gaining additional skills for future employment. Participants will be paid for their work during this stage.

Please note that Good Foot Forward is an Employment & Training Program and does not guarantee permanent employment within the organization or external job placement upon completion. 

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