Shopify Integration

Our app seamlessly integrates your Shopify store(s) with Good Foot’s delivery management system! Your customers will see Good Foot listed as a delivery option if their address is within our area and they’ll see live rates directly from our system, taking the guesswork out of delivery costs and delivery zones! Once the order is ready for delivery, you will request fulfilment directly through Shopify and then an order will be created within our system. Your customer will receive an email confirmation that the order has been shipped and they will be able to track their order.

This integration will provide your customers great service, fast delivery and affordable pricing, all while supporting inclusive employment. It will also streamline the ordering process for your store, charging your customer the exact amount of delivery and allowing you to fulfil your order directly through Shopify.

How to get started

Ready to introduce Good Foot Delivery to your customers? Reach out to us at and we’ll provide you all the details! We are currently offering promotional pricing for all orders that are placed using our Shopify integration!