We are open for business Monday to Friday, between 9am & 5pm. Last orders taken at 4:00PM.

Our Delivery Zones

Blue Zone: We deliver same day to the area of Toronto bounded by Keele, Lawerence, Vitoria Park and Lake Ontario. There is a blue zone corridor that runs north of Lawrence along the Yonge/University subway line within a 10 minute walk of subway.

Grey Zone: Same day if delivery address along TTC. Next day by 2PM if additional public transport services are required.

If you have any questions about special / bulk deliveries please contact us and inquire.


Door to Door Point to point delivery, our fastest service.
Less than 1.5 hours.
Direct Less than 3 hours. $10.00
Basic Same day delivery. $7.25
GTA Expanded Zone For areas outside of the subway lines. Same day delivery when possible, delivered latest by noon next day. This service may use a third party affiliate to complete the delivery. Please click for details. $20.00

Paying your bill

You can ‘pay as you go’ with a credit card after you place your order. For outstanding balances, we send invoices at the beginning of the month and accept credit cards, cheques, and telpay payment methods.


We are on foot, carrying by hand with a courier bag, so no baby grands, please. More accurately, something oversized would be 2′w x 2′h x 2′d.