Ari visits Royal St. George College (RSGC)

July 24th, 2016 Blog

Ari recently sat down with 7th grade students from Royal Saint George College and did a series of Q&As. Students were fascinated by his stories of how he pushes past his disabilities to do deliveries using binoculars and calling the TTC!

The Q&A was a learning exercise for the RSGC students with the goal of practicing active listening, critical thinking, and asking questions skills. Other speakers at this Q&A included two Syrian refugees, a Toronto beekeeper, and the Founder of Children of Hope Uganda.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the questions asked!

What’s a courier?
A Courier is a person that picks up varies types packages from people in Offices, Stores, Apartments, and Condos. They then drop off those packages to people in places like offices, Stores, Homes, Apartments and condos. They do this by driving Trucks or Vans, Riding Bicycles, or, like me, by using Public Transit.

What disability do you have?
I am visually impaired and I have a learning disability.

Why do you like working at Good Foot?
Good Foot Managers are willing to challenge you if you want. If they see changes that you can do, they will ask you if you want to do it. Also, you’re not stuck in an office all day – you get out and deliver packages from point A to point B. They are understanding of your disability and willing to work with you in any way possible to help you do your job. You get to work with great co-workers and great Managers.

Who works at Good Foot? A lot of people?

The people that work at Good Foot Delivery all have various types of disabilities. There are two managers that work at Good Foot Delivery that do not have disabilities. There 30 or so people that work at Good Foot delivery including 2 great managers.

What are some challenges you experience because of your disability?
I have trouble seeing things that are some distance away and small print, I also have some trouble with spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

How far can you see?
I use binoculars to see things far away, but for example, I can see there are some pictures on the wall across from where we are sitting but I cannot make out what the pictures are of.

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