Courier Spotlight: Jack C.

February 10th, 2020 Blog

Jack C.

Courier since 2017

Favourite Movie: The Big Lebowski

With the launch of our new website we wanted to create greater connections between our Followers and our Couriers. To achieve this, we sat down with our Couriers to get to know them better, and in turn, to share some of the insights we gathered. Every month we will be featuring one of our Couriers on this blog, with Jack C being our first “Courier Spotlight”.

Jack C has worked at Good Foot Delivery for over 3 years. He has worked as a Courier since he began and recently, he was promoted to Training Facilitator. Now, he has the opportunity to train new hires about the ins and outs of being a Courier.

Let’s dive into our interview with Jack:

What’s your favourite thing about working with Good Foot?
Travelling the city, not being confined to the four walls of an office or being stuck in one place.

How does being neuro-diverse help you at work?
I’m high functioning, though I don’t know if my disability helps me all that much. I’d say I’ve gotten to know the city very well and over time I’ve memorized routes for routine deliveries and the areas our customers are located in. Now, if someone mentions an area or intersection, I can envision a map with some of the nearby cross streets or remember the nearby landmarks.

What is your favorite area of the city. Why?
I like High Park and the Distillery District. High Park is beautiful. There is lots of greenery, and interesting little shops. The Distillery also has neat little shops to explore.

What do you like to do outside of work? 
I like to watch movies, garden, play video games, and exercise.

Do you think your hobbies have helped you build any of the skills that you use at work? 
Yes. I have built social skills through watching certain movies and playing video games. I learned how to make friends, and communication skills. I’ve also built skills like empathy and understanding for other people.

What character from a movie or TV show do you most relate to? Why? 
Reynolds from “Phantom Thread”. He is a fashion designer (I don’t relate to that part). He doesn’t let people in and has to have everything a certain way. He also doesn’t like change. I think I’ve worked on those things more than the character, but I can relate. Reynolds also has a driving force behind him in his sister, and I can relate to that with my mom.

Who are your biggest supporters? 
Definitely my mom and dad. They taught me never to give up on my dreams, and to do what I want to do. They also didn’t pigeonhole me because of my disability or assign any limits to my abilities. They’re the best parents I could have had. I care about – well, I care about other people but I definitely care about family first and foremost.

Favorite meal? 
Pasta, sandwiches. I guess it would be bread, but I need to give that up. I also really like sushi and Poke bowls. I like all kinds of food.

If you could be anything, what would it be? 
I guess having the ability to fly or teleport. Something like that. Can you imagine all of the orders I could do if I could teleport?

What is your biggest accomplishment? 
Graduating, maybe. No. Learning how to navigate social life and understand people in the world.

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