Featured Courier: Alan Bernstein

July 25th, 2016 Featured Courier

Alan Bernstein’s Good Foot Delivery story came by the way of meeting Alan’s brother Jeffrey goodfootalanBernstein during a social gathering.  He setup a meeting to discuss Alan joining the Good Foot Crew. He’s been a great addition and member of the Good Foot courier crew since January 2014!

He enjoys working at Good Foot because he does deliveries 2 days a week. He likes the set schedule of Wednesday and Friday mostly delivers envelopes and boxes. He sometimes picks up the lunches from our sponsored lunch place.

He recently has had a new nephew come in to his family and is quite excited about wanted to share his name: Fox Lucas Bernstein. He enjoys going to lectures at different synagogues, swimming, bowling and going to Dave and Busters Arcade.

We love having his passionate and willing-to-help attitude! He always wants to be involved with staff together with his “partner in crime” Ari Margolis.  So thanks Alan for being you and a part of the Good Foot Family!

Learn more about Alan and his adventures Check out Alan’s Good Foot Q&A here 

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