Featured Courier -Braden Anderson

September 1st, 2016 Featured Courier

img_6975.jpgBraden Anderson came to Good Foot Delivery in 2016. He loves being a courier. He meets new people and gets to explore the city at the same time.

His hobbies include movies and exploring new places.  He recently finished a speedy 5K during this years Toronto Waterfront Marathon. He says it took him a long time to get a job and its great that he was happy to find a great place like Good Foot Delivery.

Follow his instagram adventures here at Bradenavatarguy. Below is a little more about him:

Braden Anderson

Interests outside of Good Foot
Volunteering and movies

Favorite Part of Toronto
Fort York Blvd.

Coffee or Tea?

Steak or Chicken?

Favorite Sports Team
Toronto Blue Jays (Baseball)

Batman or Superman ?

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