Featured Courier: Harley Colero

July 8th, 2016 Featured Courier

Harley ColeroHarley Colero came to us as a co-op student from George Brown College in 2013 and now fully admits that this is the best job he’s ever had.

In the mornings he comes in early so he can prepare himself for the day’s deliveries with some coffee & breakfast then heads out becoming courier warrior Harley! He likes the flexibility and autonomy at Good Foot Delivery, yet also likes being part of the team and that everyone works together in Good Foot! He is originally shy but after a few times of meeting you he starts opening up. And ladies yes he is single!

Harley grew up in Etobicoke Ontario. When he’s not working he likes to listen to music, watch television, going to movies and Starbucks and going out with friends and family. Lately he has really been into magic tricks but only knows the basics of magic. Harley’s favorite type of music is heavy metal and the bands you probably haven’t heard of like Cradle of Filth & Slip Knot.

Check out his adventures on Twitter & Instagram. Harley also contributes to Good Foot‘s Instagram. Learn some of Harley’s answers to some fun questions about life & the eternal question (chicken or steak).

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