Featured Courier – Melissa Macintosh

June 21st, 2016 Featured Courier

Melissa Macintosh has been with Good Foot Delivery for 4 years and is a vital part of our team! GoodFoot (21 of 83)Even when she was recovering from her knee surgery and the Good Foot crew visited her.

Melissa is also Good Foot’s brand ambassador. She is able to get into buildings where many others can’t such as the parliament building mail room. As it turns out Melissa loves going to meetings because she loves meeting and talking to new people about Good Foot Delivery.

She also attends other Good Foot networking events. Melissa spoke about a day in a life of a Good Foot courier to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons with Greg and Jon.

Melissa loves good restaurants and comedies when not delivering packages. Her hobbies are to read  anything she can get her hands – especially historical fiction!  She loves relaxing by a campfire especially if it’s by a lake and spending time with friends near and far!

Learn some of Melissa answers to some fun questions about life & the eternal question

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