Good Foot commutes with CIBC!

August 4th, 2017 Blog

Do you remember the feeling of working your first job, standing in the backroom, knowing you are capable of so much more yet not given the opportunity to show it? This is the experience of many people with disabilities, even at their second, third, fourth and fifth job. ¬†Simply put, because they have a disability many assume that their lack of skill is comprehensive … they have nothing to offer or nothing that companies want.

This why CIBC responded to the statistics and poor representation and pledged to hire 500 individuals with developmental disabilities this year! This is great news that is greatly supported by Torontonians. There is only one problem – although many of these individuals are qualified for these roles some of them are unable to navigate transit system on their own. Noticing this need, Good Foot Delivery offered help. Letting couriers do what they do best to bring something from point A to point B … except now, that something is someone!

Good Foot is currently piloting a project to get CIBC’s staff to and from work every day. While we’re at it, we can train them how to navigate the city so they can eventually travel independently. So far, the pilot has been successful and there is nothing more meaningful than to help someone do something that feels meaningful to them, one step at a time.

It is so good to see CIBC using Good Foot Delivery as a starting point for disabilities. We are hopeful to see more opportunities offered by large and small Toronto companies. Everyone has gifts to offer!

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