Good Foot Delivery 2016 In Review

January 3rd, 2017 Blog

Happy New Year 2017! We wanted to do a quick look back at 2016 as it was a big year in many different areas. Thanks to Good Foot for exciting happenings. We brought on 4 new couriers and lost a few too – they went on to bigger better opportunities.

Good Foot Delivery got more of a social alignment with a website site launch. We also implemented this new blog site @ This features the courier of month of profiles and blog posts especially from the staff & couriers highlighted lunch partners.  We added two new lunch partners Pie Commission & Wise Goodies and will feature the blog along with showcasing our Instagram, Facebook & Twitter feeds & media coverage.

We were excited to have a media appearances to share the awareness of Good Foot. AMI TV & Talk Radio as well as a few appearances on CBC Metro morning talking about various Good Foot events. We were on front cover of the metro news paper as the governor general of Canada, Sharon Johnston, visited Good Foot in February.

College of Surgeons and Physicians made Good Foot the charity of choice for this year and we thank them for all their support in raising as much money as they did this year.

Two of the Good Foot Delivery couriers had a connection with Black Toe Running. They got a group of ten Good Foot staff trained for a partnership for the Good Foot Run Club with the ScotiaBank Waterfront 5K. It was a fun month and it was a was a social connection for us in 2016.

We implemented a lot of new features which customers were requesting. The account balance shown when you login address book changes and the ability to pay online & charge your credit card when we when do our end of month invoicing and this helped us to switch over from Freshbooks to Quickbooks on delivery completion & setup for auto billing.

An operations/courier manager and sales/social media position were created which brought in the launch of our new redesigned responsive website and new customer features.  As a result, the improved admin back end delivery dispatch to help manage logistics & couriers better and with launching our new website, we introduced dynamic pricing which is based on the distance of the delivery and time it takes to complete the delivery. It’s been a good experience and many clients who don’t mind paying more to get something delivered far the same day. Our downtown core is lowered as well to be competitive 8.50 core 15 express.

At the end of the year, the big news came out that our managing director, Greg Kasparian, was leaving Good Foot Delivery in order to pursue a condo renovation.  Greg wrote a post and he reflects on his five years period at Good Foot. read it here The search was on! After a few months of receiving applications and interviewing candidates for a new managing we found our man, Ryan Hollinrake, who had a marketing and social & business development background.

Here is to a New Year and new adventures for Good Foot Delivery. So we enter 2017 with new staff, new perspectives and new energy.

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