Announcing the Good Foot Run Crew

September 15th, 2016 Blog

Were excited to announce that Good Foot has started our own run club dubbing it
the Good Foot Run Crew with our great partners from Black Toe Running img_7694.jpg
leading & training our couriers to be better runners along with getting fit & healthy even though they running around delivering packages each day

Every tuesday our crew assembles for a fun lively 5K starting from king & bathurst to trinity bell woods for some games mingling chatting with fellow runners

Alan Bernstein, Jared Dickie, Braden Anderson,  Greg Kasparian, Courtney Ayukawa, Jon Gauthier, Eric Weiner, Harley Colero  & Ari Margolis

May Lu, Mike Anderson & Charlotte Cornel from BlackToe Running are the run leaders for our crew
Follow our adventures on our new Good Foot Run Crew  & BlackToe Running Instagram

Here is some choice shots from our past crew runs

img_7632.jpg img_7638.jpg img_7732.jpg img_7733.jpg


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