Good Foot Gives Back

February 28th, 2017 Blog, Businesses Helping Social Enterprises


As a social enterprise and a charity we believe in practicing what we preach. We work in a community that embraces us through donations, support, business and capacity. We are thankful and know that often it is community that helps define our growth. Starting in April 2017, the staff and everyone at Good Foot will be showing our appreciation for all of the support we have received by introducing a new program called – Good Foot Gives Back.

Once a month the staff at Good Foot will select a cause or activity that we will volunteer for/with. We want to give back to the community and show that we truly appreciate all of the support.

Join us in making this community larger, more inclusive and generally a community with maximum capacity to give.

If you would like to participate or if you have a cause that needs a few Good volunteers please contact us at and note in the subject line “Good Foot Gives Back”


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