Featured Courier – Mike 

May 6th, 2016 Featured Courier

img_1279.jpgMike Zwarts has been with Good Foot Delivery since 2011.

At the time, he was living at home with his parents and had several kitchen jobs that never worked out. He came to Good Foot Delivery but he was timid. He grew in confidence making his mark on the staff by what we refer to as his “mikeness”!

For 6 years in Mike has transformed into an awesome and very valuable member of the Good Foot Crew! Mike has considerably developed in independence. He’s called “an ideas man” because he comes up with some amazing ideas that just need encouragement.

His parents have noted that he had grown personally so much that they could leave him alone for the week and he could take care of himself! This gave his parents a new lease on life, enabling them to live their lives and not worry about Mike so much.

His main interests are SteamPunk, Japanese Cosplay and creating funky fashion designs. He would be taking a colleague’s ear off about various topics that interest him.

If you see him around give him a high five for being awesome the way he is. Learn some of Mike’s answers to some fun questions about life & the eternal question (chicken or steak).

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