Helping her brother find a Good Footing

March 26th, 2014 Media Coverage

Article via Sara Hampson at The Globe and Mail

Put it down to the old Presbyterian work ethic.

“The thought was always, ‘Well, why not just give him a job?'” says Kirsten Gauthier, 39, an entrepreneur who helped her brother Jonathan, by conceiving the idea for Good Foot Delivery in Toronto, a not-for-profit courier company that exclusively hires developmentally disabled people. “But we weren’t really raised like that in our family. We had to do it ourselves.

“Our mother is Scottish, you see,” she adds with a rueful laugh.  “We knew that any kind of help you give anybody you have to be careful. I didn’t want to give Jon a handout because it wouldn’t mean anything.”

The result is an inspiring story about consideration of each other and their individual needs, built on the belief that encouraging self-sufficiency is the best kind of support… for full article click here

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