How to get on the Good Foot

March 26th, 2014 Media Coverage

Article via Kristen Gauthier at Wind Magazine

On a brisk, cloudless afternoon in March, Jon Gauthier arrived at the headquarters of AmoebaCorp, a boutique design studio with offices in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood. He picked up a manila envelope and proceeded west, by streetcar, to a small print shop in the west end, where he delivered the parcel. He got a signature from the recipient, made a quip about the weather, and was on this way.

It’s the type of transaction that happens countless times every day: A courier enters an office, picks up a parcel and then moves on. But when Jon Gauthier walked into Amoeba’s offices, it was more than just business: It was a superhero moment.

Jon is no average courier; he works with Good Foot, the courier service that I founded last year. Good Foot employs people with developmental disabilities, offering them an opportunity to contribute tot he community and to achieve financial independence. (Full disclosure: Jon is my brother, and Good Foot’s first employee; our team has since grown to three.)… view full article here

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