Introducing, The Courier Catch Up

February 23rd, 2023 Blog

At Good Foot Delivery, our greatest strength is our incredible Couriers! This monthly series will find us catching up with our Couriers, getting their perspective on a variety of subjects and getting to know them better!

With the new year in full swing, we caught up with a few of our Couriers to debrief about 2022; talk about what they were grateful for last year, what they’re leaving behind this year and what they’re trying to remember in 2023. 

What’s Something you were grateful for last year?

“I’m grateful for my success. Without success, you wouldn’t have greatness. You need success for greatness.” – Joshua

“Just surviving. And having a character awakening moment in the summer.” – Fyodor

“I’m grateful for my job at Good Foot.” – Braden 

What themes summarize last year?

“Focusing on just right now & living in the moment” – Joshua

“A glimpse of serendipity.” – Fyodor 

“Being more social.” – Braden 

Reflect on the obstacles you’ve navigated and acknowledge how you moved through them:

“I’m learning to follow my instincts, instead of hesitating.” – Joshua 

“Pushing through adversity, no matter how many boundaries.” – Fyodor. 

“Keeping track of time & making a schedule is pretty tricky. Keeping my phone handy to keep track of time is helpful.” – Braden

What are you leaving in 2022?

“I gotta spend a little less money (laughs).” – Joshua

“Self doubt.” – Fyodor. 

“Less treats, more healthy snacks.” – Braden

What’s your motto for 2023? 

“Keep your head up & move forward”. – Joshua

“Embrace each moment as it happens. On the spot & in the moment.” – Fyodor 

“Worry less & be more confident” – Braden.

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