Local Business Spotlight: Spent Goods

February 14th, 2023 Blog

Photo Credit: Sarah Wiggins

Good Foot Delivery is excited to continue our series, Local Business Spotlight! This series follows our conversations with local business owners we adore to shine a light on what they’re doing in the community. Next up, is Spent Goods, featuring their Founder and Managing Director, Dihan Chandra.

This Ontario based bread company is a one stop shop for bagels, sourdough, gourmet pretzels, and other grain products that are not only gentle on our environment and your body, but also ridiculously delicious! Not to mention, their use of viable leftover foods; spent grains, fruit & produce considered too ugly to sell, and juice pulp, substantially cuts down on food waste.

We chatted with Dihan about Spent Goods, his start in the industry, owning his own business & his relationship with Good Foot Delivery!

Q: Tell us a little bit about your business. 

A: Spent Goods Company diverts barley grains already used to make beer from local breweries to make delicious foods like sourdough bread, pretzels, bagels, and pizza. By diverting these grains from disposal, they retain the high fiber and protein of barley, offset greenhouse gas emissions, and create local jobs in the community.

We’ve been featured on CBC, BlogTO and voted Top 5 breads in Toronto! It’s great food for thought around the topic of smart reuse and local food supply.

Photo Credit: Sarah Wiggins

Q: When did you first start your own business? What motivated you to start?

A: I’ve always been invested in nature, animals, sustaining our environment, and finding that balance between people, planet and profit. I’m a big believer in practical solutions to reducing waste while also generating profits. 

One night out at my local pub, I asked a question that many are too shy to ask: What happens to all the grain used to make beer? After learning that most spent grain ends up in landfills, I wondered if those grains could be redirected to feed people instead. That question marked the birth of the Spent Goods Company.

Q: What is the most challenging part of owning your own business? What’s the most rewarding part?

A: Being my own boss – I have ultimate control over my time but the challenging part is that I have to use that time to achieve my mission while paying the bills.

Photo Credit: Sarah Wiggins

Q: How does Good Foot fit into the picture? 

A: Good Foot has been a supporter and partner over the last few years. Pre-pandemic, Good Food team members helped by coming to our commercial kitchen to assist with food packing of our butter crackers. We’re looking to partner in the near future for food delivery services!

Q: What do you enjoy most about your relationship with Good Foot?

A: The people – I like that we’re all taking different paths towards a better future!

Support Spent Goods today by visiting their website & using coupon code goodfoot15 to get 15% off your order + free shipping on orders over $75 (valid until the end of February 2023).

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