Medieval Times a Good Foot Experience

February 7th, 2017 Blog

At Good Foot Delivery we don’t only work together but we also like to socialize together, not as friends but more like family. On January 29th the folks at Medieval Times Toronto were kind enough to gift (with a great discount) us a night out for the show. It was a night filled with sword fights, horsemanship, falconry and 30 the great company of the Good Foot staff and family.

For those of you who have never been to Medieval Times Toronto – we highly recommend it! You are transported back to the dark ages: no cutlery, one on one combat, chivalry and a monarchy that has old world values.

All of our staff and family enjoyed every aspect of the night – we were fortunate enough to have all been seated in the red section. Fortunately for us our knight was a gallant knight who fought hard and protected his princess.  Not only did he settle a score but also honorably defended his king and crown, winning the night.

A few testimonials from our staff:

Ari —  “It was fun, the food was good, and eating with your hands was different that is something they did way back then. Hanging with my Co-workers is something I really enjoy doing. We hang out as Co-workers once and a while. At Good Foot Delivery we are all good friends.”

Jared –“The food was excellent but the sword fighting was my favorite part. Going as a group is way better!”

Kevin –“I enjoyed myself, I loved that our knight won and really had a great time – thank you so much for letting us all attend!”

Courtney — “ The red knight was by far my favorite, that said the green knight had the nicest armor. It was great overall. The dinner was delicious; I loved the soup and corn on the cob. My favorite part was the jousting because some knights rolled off of their horses. Going with the Good Foot team is what made it amazing. I had a ton of fun! “

A big thanks to our hosts at the Medieval Times Toronto and to Courtney for organizing an amazing night out. We are all looking forward to our next adventure and can’t wait to experience more of what this amazing city has to offer!



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