Meet Harley!

March 19th, 2018 Blog

Meet Harley!

He started out at Good Foot 5 years ago when his dad used the company to deliver his packages. Now, he looks forward to the start of every day and has found a job he really enjoys doing. “Before Good Foot, I was this shy, awkward kid who didn’t know anything, had depression, and didn’t want to be in the world”. Working at Good Foot has allowed him to have a sense of independence, as he can do deliveries on his own, has allowed him to meet many new people and has given him the chance to be interviewed by radio and TV stations. “I can wake up in the morning and be like, “Oh, I’m going to Good Foot and not some crappy job.””


One of his favorite aspects of his job is his position as a trainer for future Good Foot couriers because it gives him a sense of leadership. The trainee he’s most proud of is Braden. “He came into Good Foot not knowing anything and quiet… And then a week in, he finally started opening up. He was comfortable with me”.


For Harley, who is an introvert, making connections with others is very important, which is something his trainer position has encouraged him to do. “Once, a trainee was completely comfortable talking to me. It was like we knew each other but I was just meeting this guy for the first time. When you get someone who’s comfortable talking to you, it’s a good feeling.”


Harley is also very fortunate and thankful to have a wonderful and supportive family. “Honestly, my dad just wanted me to do something. He always says, “If you’re happy, I’m happy.” And my whole family’s happy too, they’re happy I found something.”

Make sure to book your next delivery with Good Foot and have the chance to see and meet Harley!

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