Summer Fun with the Good Foot Staff

September 2nd, 2021 Blog

A new instalment in The Accessible Normal: a summer series on the impact of lockdowns on the neuro-diverse community.

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During months of lockdowns over the last few months, the Good Foot community stayed connected by hosting and attending many virtual events. Thankfully, this summer the Good Foot team was able to take advantage of the sunny weather and get back to hosting in-person events. As the summer heated up, we (mostly) traded online events and virtual check-ins for events inside the office and around Toronto. 

We kicked July off with a virtual cookie making event, which was my personal favourite. I love baking, and so did the Couriers, thanks to the delicious cookie making kits we received from Carolina’s Brownies. Together we used a recipe to build customizable cookies, and shared stories about our kitchens while we waited for things to bake. Even better, I got to share the treats with my roommates and neighbours afterwards, and spread some cookie-based joy. It was also a great opportunity to support a local business that continuously advocates for Good Foot! 

Then came the July picnic at Canoe Landing, which was a favourite amongst the staff. It was the first in-person event we were able to host, and for Michelle and Ada, it was an amazing chance to catch-up with colleagues and friends after a long winter. Ada found it particularly meaningful, as it was her first opportunity to introduce the staff to her new daughter, who had fun playing games, eating snacks, and spending time with new friends. In fact, hanging out with Ada’s daughter was one of the reasons that Canoe Landing was Jodie’s favourite event!

“It had been so long since seeing everyone in person and having us all together again just made my heart so full”


Misha, one of our Couriers, had a hard time choosing a favourite event, but says that the Ice Cream Socials we hosted in August just might’ve been top of the list. He was a big fan of how the Good Foot office turned into a mini ice cream parlour with different flavours and toppings. It felt good to see so many Couriers back in the office, eating ice cream and sharing stories. 

Another event that took place in the office was a ‘Chips and Chat’ event, where the Couriers and Office Staff could gather at the end of their busy day to try different chips and play chip-themed games. It was an event that was pitched during lockdown when everyone realised there were chip connoisseurs on the Good Foot team. Laura was excited to turn a lockdown dream into reality, with everyone bringing their favourite chip flavours to try. Laura says that participating in chip trivia and other themed games was a “unique and original event to have”.

Alice joined Good Foot for the summer to help Devon plan all of these fun events. Her personal favourite was pub night at The Grapefruit Moon, where she was able to get drinks and snacks to enjoy with the team. She said that “hanging out with her new Good Foot team in the summer sunshine made for an amazing event to be a part of”. The team also planned an event at Stackt Market, a trendy downtown space with local businesses, patios, and cocktails. We were excited to get cold drinks and ice cream as a way to beat the heat, and support local businesses in the process. 

Finally, the End of Summer bash was an undisputed favourite, taking place at Northern Maverick’s outside patio. Alan particularly loved the TTC trivia game that we played – all of our Couriers are TTC experts, which made for some stiff competition. The top 3 players received a TTC themed gift bundle and of course, bragging rights! 

“I had such a blast at the end of summer bash at Northern Maverick. I was so enthused with the high turnout and had a chance to chat with those I don’t often see, especially given the last year. The most beautiful summer day to spend on a patio with a wonderful community!


Despite the late August heat, the End of Summer Bash had a huge turnout, and brought all of the staff together for games, snacks, and great conversation. Being able to gather again has been a huge blessing for the entire Good Foot team, and we’ve been feeling so grateful to spend time together again. 

“It was so special to spend time bonding on a patio in the sunshine with our fun loving team. The Maverick was an amazing downtown venue for good food, good chats, good drinks and good laughs. I loved every minute and the huge staff turnout was incredible to see!”


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