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We are thrilled to be actively seeking partners for the “Out” portion of our In, Up and Out program. We connect with local businesses to expand the learning and skills of our staff through exposure to a variety of opportunities such as placements, internships, and ultimately, employment!

Partnerships with businesses in our community are a key component of expanding the learning and development of our team. Not only do these partnerships enhance the employability of our staff, but they also provide businesses a pool of candidates eager to learn and apply transferable skills in new settings. Partnerships provide career preparation support in an empowering environment. The opportunities available at your organization can create a solid foundation for Participants interested in gaining different work experience.

Why Become an ‘Out’ Partner?

In, Up & Out enables businesses to incorporate inclusivity into the core of their structure. Employers benefit from onboarding skilled Participants who foster innovation and contribute to building high performance teams. Neuro-diverse individuals are motivated, sincere, and focused. They tend to have low levels of attrition and absenteeism while remaining completely dedicated to solving the tasks at hand. With the right support, they display high levels of loyalty, engagement and performance.

Diversity is a catalyst for innovation and innovative thinking. Companies that practice inclusive hiring inadvertently build more robust products and streamlined operations through the ability to crowdsource diverse perspectives. Through the incorporation of neuro-diverse individuals in your workplace, you will notice your staff organically becoming better listeners, more effective communicators, and stronger team players.

Inclusive hiring benefits extend beyond internal improvements. Consumers are becoming more and more socially conscious; they have a desire to know what the organizations they support are doing to address social and environmental issues. Individuals engaging with businesses are making the choice to spend their money with organizations that represent their values and beliefs. Focusing on inclusive hiring practices will lead to improved consumer confidence and long-term customer loyalty!

Interested in Partnering?

A potential Partner works with Good Foot to identify a suitable four to twelve month placement opportunity. Placements could involve various skills, from customer service to data entry. We will screen candidates to find whose interests and skills align with the opportunity. To provide the best possible experience for both the Participant and the business, Good Foot’s Job Coach helps facilitate successful onboarding and is available for ongoing support as needed. 

The support offered from Good Foot will include:

Ready to take the next step towards inclusive hiring? Contact us at to learn more about how you can partner with us through our In, Up, and Out program today!

No openings available? No problem!

Employers can provide meaningful work exposure to Participants even when there are no suitable positions available. Good Foot Delivery will work with interested Employers to develop a multi-week mentorship and job shadowing program, conducted in a virtual or hybrid (physical and virtual) environment. A bespoke experience would allow Participants to learn about a different role, acquire new skills and interact with new people.